Sylvia Plath

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Last night I had a dream about Sylvia Plath. Yesterday I started reading her personal diary, which is terribly depressing and poetic. I dreamed I was her husband, Ted Hughes, and I came home last one night. She was outside, walking back towards the house, and I ran out to her and grabbed her by the shoulders and yelled, “Where’s Jack?!” (Her son was not named Jack, but that is what I said in the dream.) She had taken our little son out into the woods and forgotten about him and she didn’t even care. She didn’t respond to my panic; she only looked past me with a glazed look in her eyes as if she couldn’t hear a word I was saying. I ran out there, into the darkness, past an illuminated cross with a purple cloth draped across the arms, and saw him running towards me. I scooped him up and began crying with joy and almost-loss. I thought to myself, “How could she just abandon you.” Then I was jarred awake, sweating. It seemed dreadfully real. It wasn’t until later in the day when I realized that before I went to sleep, I thought about her suicide at age thirty and her two little children and though of how selfish it was, to leave those kids with no mother. She abandoned them by the cowardly means of suicide. I usually forget my dreams, but this one has stuck with me all day. It is still fresh in my mind.


Anonymous said...

dude...first of all im so impressed you actually remembered your dream, however i am sad because it was horrible. second, i'm unsure of how much this relates, but it reminded me of all the lost peole in this world. it made me think of how God could possibly feel when we who are already saved just blindly look away from those who are damned for eternity. we who hold His hope in our hands and do nothing--i believe that is as selfish as a mother committing suicide....

on a lighter note-hope the next dream you remember is a good one : )

Anonymous said...

Wow H this was amazing. I forgot how well you write and it blows my mind that think we'll all have kids some day. I can't wait to see you.

Monica said...

Provoking dream...Now, you know who you are to really marry!!! ha! ha! Did you show your Christmas present to your family? Hope your having a good Christmas break...I posted a pic of my new house on my blog...check it out! Blessings, your sis!