New hobby?

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I think I might devote one of my notebooks entirely to quotes from books and movies and from the Bible, things that just strike me deeply when I read them. I am already excited at the thought of a little notebook full of awesome quotes, even if some of them mean nothing to anybody but me.

Anyways, school has started. My last semester has begun. It is so strange to think that in just a few months I will be a college student no longer. I am very excited/scared about my ministry opportunity upon graduation. I feel God convicting me that I have to let Him do some work in me yet before I am ready for full-time ministry. That is an amazing and elite calling which I intend to be fully prepared for.

I have been reading am amazing book given to me by my sister. It's called "Passion and Purity" by Elizabeth Elliot. The words she speaks in the book are speaking to me, telling me to be patient and trust in the Lord in all things, no matter what life throws at me and no matter what the cost. In human love, we think that caring about someone means that we should tell them everything at all times. God's love is not like this though. He lets us struggle and question and doubt and fight with ourselves and Him because He wants to witness true growth and maturity in us, a trust that is able to endure any scenario. A faith that cannot be shaken because it has been through the refining fire. I've realized that it is not God's responsibility as one who love me to let me know everything. It is my responsibility to trust because the Lord's way will lead to joy, even in persecution or death. This is what God is teaching me.

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Anonymous said...

mmm (:
h i just finished passion and purity last week. it really opened my eyes to a lot..
and, i agreeeee. (:
see you soon