Letting go...

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Why is it so hard and so devastating to realize that everything in this world is nothing compared to Christ? That loving people with the love of Christ is the only thing that matters? And why is it so hard to lose yourself? To truly let go...?

The startling thought: when I die and give an account for my life, the only thing that will matter will be what I did for Christ.

Comfort is meaningless. Fear is deception. Joy is Him.

Why is this so hard to realize and live?

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Anonymous said...

So...this same concept has been on my mind as well.
Only thing is, i have never had this realization before, and i almost don't know what to do with it now that i am experiencing it...
When you finally come to this realization of what reality truly is..what is anything extra outside of God!?
Why can't more people see this!!!
More importantly why is it so hard to do in full?
All i know to do is tell God i want to and that i don't know how to...I need Him to help.