New Songs

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I am excited this semester about the music we are doing with the band. There is a "new" song we are doing tomorrow night by Matt Redman called "Holy Moment". It is an excellent song and I am very excited about playing it. Also, "Your Grace is Enough" and "Everlasting God" are great songs that we are working into the rotation.

In semi-related news, I am trying to learn how to do loops and all the electronic aspects of what we do. It is something I would like to have a good grasp of because it is something that we will likely implement at Next Level. My goal is to immerse myself in it for a while and learn everything I can in these last few months here at LU.

Also, I am investigating video editing and title programs to see if I need to upgrade from Final Cut Express HD. I am trying to figure out whether or not I can make the kind of videos for Next Level that I want to make.

And these are the random technical thoughts on my mind today.

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