A minor (and rare) political rant

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I am not writing this for controversy's sake, and I am not writing to ruffle anyone's feathers. These are simple criticisms that I feel are appropriate to make. If I offend you, it is nothing personal, and I am sure that there are many logs in my eyes you could point to while I attempt to address this speck.

A) It bothers me when we elevate our political heroes to such high levels. I think it strange that we are more enthused about politics than our Lord sometimes. I think it is because Jesus has become commonplace and strangely abstract to us, not real and present. Again, I throw myself under the bus here as well. (And as a side note here, the whole divisive nature of politics is bothersome to me. It seems that, to be politically affiliated is to join one army and declare war against the other.)

B) More specifically, it seems a little shady to me to have "Christian" celebrities at all. Shouldn't we be boasting in Christ and not flocking to Christian celebrities like we are waiting to meet Jesus? A friend pointed out that there are some men and women who are Christian celebrities because of their extreme devotion to Jesus and their love and service, people who have no desire for fame. I partially agree with him; those people exist, but I think even if their motives are pure, ours aren't. We don't want to meet those people because we hope to see Christ in them or learn more about Jesus. We want to be able to say we met them, or even better, take a picture with them and make it the background on our phones. Our real motives are to make ourselves look and sound better by being able to say, "Oh man! I met Toby Mac/David Crowder/Jerry Falwell/Donald Miller/Rob Bell/Rebecca St. James/Chris Tomlin/Andy Stanley/Martin Smith/Rick Warren!" And our impressed friend says, "Wow! What was he/she like?" And we respond, "Well, actually, he/she was surprisingly down to earth. Look at this picture of us being best friends!" On the contrary, I think that the people we would truly desire to meet if we wanted to find people who live like Jesus would be in a third world country or quietly serving and loving people here in America. The people we would truly want to meet, to the point that it would feel like an honor just to meet them, are probably unknown.

Ok, that is all for now. Again, if I offended, understand where I am coming from; I am trying to view our American culture in a new light, to view it like Jesus does. I may or may not be right, just telling you what strikes a chord in my spirit.

(A final note: I am not posting this blog to facebook for a while specifically because I do not want the casual person who does not know me to be able to read this. This is me thinking out loud, that's it.)

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