A Day of Endings

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Today was the last time I will do many things:

1) Play at convo at Liberty University. This one was not too much of a bummer, honestly. No sentimental feelings floating around. I mean, convo is fun and all, and we have had some great times, but... it's convo.

2) Go to work for Dave. This one is a little more meaningful, and it was a little sad saying goodbye to everyone in the office today, but I'll be back in before I leave to see them all. It has been a fantastic year for me working with and learning from Dave. I will miss alot of that.

3) Attend class at Liberty University. No tears shed here. Believe me. All I have left to officially be done with school is three finals. I have loved my classes since I switched from the worship major to biblical studies. It was exactly the change I needed. I have learned so much from my professors and I hope to continue to pursue knowledge about the Bible, one way or another.

4) Play at Campus Church as a member of the Campus Praise Band. This one is a lot more sentimental. By far the biggest blessing to me at LU was being a part of this team. I have learned so much about serving people and leading worship. I have also made some of the best friends I have, some of the most talented, fun, and funniest people that I know. There were no big teary goodbyes tonight as we will all be meeting together a few more times before we go our separate ways.

I guess you might be wondering, reader, if I am in a sad mood, seeing as many good things have ended. The answer is a qualified yes. I will miss the people and I will miss the opportunity to lead worship at Campus Church, but there is a splendid peace in knowing that it is time to be done, time to move on to other things. A few weeks after I graduate, I will start work at Next Level Church, working on staff full-time as the worship pastor. The thought is exciting and scary. I know that being there in Charlotte working at that church is the next step in my life, so I can leave Liberty with my head held high, cherishing the memories and friends I have made while looking forward to wonderful (and frustrating at points, I am sure) ministry and relationships at Next Level.

I am looking forward to making my last week and a half a Liberty a good one.

I am happy tonight. Today was a big day, and life continues.


kelli said...

congratulations! i know that there are incredible things instore for this next part of your life!

Anonymous said...

your soul and your talent is beyond what most have. don't hide these from the world. you have a lot to give, probably a lot more than you think.
i believe in you...

-an old friend : )

ben said...

Came across to your blog from DebtCC Blog Hunt.Great blog his is and great potentiality you posses.