A look back

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Well, the project is recorded. Wednesday night was fantastic, and everyone who was there was amazing and energetic and loud. Today I got to listen to a raw mix from Wednesday night for the first time. It sounds pretty good. Some work still needs to be done, especially vocally, but for the most part, it was good. And yes, the spider web things did look kind of weird, but I think from far enough out they look cool.

This weekend, I went to Jered and Jodi's wedding in Ohio, right to the heart of Buckeye-land. Yuck. Well, the wedding wasn't "yuck". It was a great wedding. My dad did the ceremony and I sang a song. I didn't blow it, which is pretty much criteria number one at weddings. It is absolutely nerve-racking to sing at weddings. The best you can do at a wedding is not ruin it. It is high tension. The good thing was that it was a short wedding. I am not a fan of long weddings.

Now, a look forward. Only two more school days, then exams, then graduation! Then: road trip! Oooooh yeah.

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kelli said...

the picture looks awesome! congratulations! and best of luck!

ps- graduation is great! just had mine! woo hoo!