Blogging the road trip, pt. 1

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Sunday, May 20th: 6am. Day 1.

We awoke, excited and ready to start the trip. The day before was my graduation, which went way better than I had hoped. I wasn't exactly thrilled about the whole "walking in your cap and gown" deal, but I actually enjoyed it.

Anyways, 6am and we were on the road. My grandparents had given me a GPS for graduation, which was incredible for the trip. We hardly ever got lost. (Yes, we did get lost even with a GPS. Not our fault.)

We drove straight to Williamsburg, VA, to visit Busch Gardens. The gates opened up at 10am and we headed straight for the brand new ride that had opened three days earlier: Gryffon. This excellent roller coaster featured a 90 degree drop, which was absolutely thrilling.

There were some other great rides at Busch Gardens. We also visited the Brewmasters Club, which I will refrain from expounding on. After that, we hit the road, trying to cut some miles of the next days drive to Sandusky, Ohio. We passed by Washington, D.C. We even saw the capitol building (from very far off). We finally arrived in Harrisburg, PA, to crash for the night.


Britt said...

Boring!! There are no pictures of me! haha

Megan said...

Why don't you blog anymore?