Blogging the road trip, pt. 2

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May 21, 2007

Harrisburg, Pa:

We begin our journey to Sandusky, Ohio, and the roller coaster capitol of the world, Cedar Point. We pulled out of the Econo Lodge at 10am and hit the road for a few hours. At lunch, we stopped at a rest station to eat at Big Boy. A funny conversation:
Waitress: What would you guys like to drink?

Me: Water, please.

AJ: Do you have sweet tea?

Waitress: It's unsweet and horrible.


AJ: Water, please.

Me: Wow. I appreciate your blunt honesty.

We drove through tunnels. That was a blast. Well, for normal people that might not be fun, but this is AJ and I we're talking about...

We drove all the way to Sandusky that night and got a hotel right by a Buffalo Wild Wings. We watched the first game of the Cleveland-Detriot playoff series practically in Cleveland. It was awesome. For the record, we walked home.

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