Blogging the road trip, pt. 3

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May 22, 2007

Day 3

The alarm went off at 9am, signaling the start of our day at Cedar Point. The park was not terribly crowded and we didn't have to wait more than an hour to ride anything. The first ride we rode was the top thrill dragster. It was by far the scariest roller coaster I have ever ridden.

Yep, 420 feet high and 120 mph. Terrifying. In fact, it goes from 0 to 120 in 4 seconds.

Once we conquered that, there wasn't much else that was frightening. On Millenium Force, AJ and I decided on the way up the lift hill that we would put our hands up on the way down. AJ grabbed my hand inadvertantly. It was pretty gay. And pretty hilarious.

We left Sandusky at about 4pm, hitting the road until we arrived at Dubois, PA, where I accidentally negotiated a hotel room price down like 30 dollars. I asked the price then turned to walk out and they kept dropping the price. It was awesome. AJ was proud.

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