Blogging the road trip, pt. 4

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Day 4- May 23, 2007

We awoke in Dubois, PA, and went downstairs for a continental breakfast and some email checking. We hit the road, heading for Easton, PA, to stay at Fox's house for the night. At 2:30pm, we rolled in to check out the Crayola Factory, but they told us that they closed at 3, so we went next door to the PEZ museum instead. It was kind of crappy.

Fox wasn't going to be home from work for a while, so we drove through Fox's neighborhood, which turned out to be a scary ghetto. We were kind of worried. (I haven't mentioned yet- my grandparents gave me a GPS right before the trip, which was revolutionary and amazing for the trip. It helped us inexplicably.)

Finally, we met Fox and Jill at their house, which was deceptively nice, and went out to dinner at Carrabbas. It was delicious, and AJ graciously paid for all of it.

A synopsis of the rest of the night without going into detail- Nintendo Wii, American Idol, and Fox puking.

AJ and I shared a cozy bed upstairs.

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