Excerpt from India

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My sister Brittany is halfway across the world in India with YWAM.

Here is a section from her email this morning...

"After the look out point we went to MONKEY GARDENS ( I put it in caps so if you were just skimming the email you could spot the interesting part quickly) Monkeys were everywhere. They were pretty tame but still not as nice as you think. One girl on our team pointed to take a picture and the monkey slapped her upside the head. So funny!! So this lady walks by with a big bag of candy (bad idea) and some monkeys surround her. She screams and drops the bag and a monkey tears the bag apart and leaves some bags of candy still on the floor. I"m thinking somebody should help her so I go and pick up the candy to give back to her. I take it to her and she's like "no way!" (in hindi) She was not going to take the candy again. So here I am, in the garden full of hungry monkeys, with my arms full of candy, and no one to give it to. Great..... praise Jesus some boy comes up and grabs it from me. He had it for about 45 seconds until the monkey army surrounded him and made him surrender the candy. Yah, we were done with the monkey place pretty quickly. "


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