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It is hard to truly give God control of your life, to say to Him, "Whatever you have for me I am ok with because I know you love me more than I love myself."

I mean, it's easy to know in your head, but hard to live out in your heart.


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It's hard to allow something you know is not true in to your mind as a truth. God is a figment of your imigination durived from your ignorance to reality. It's ok, don't get mad, there are millions of you who try to find a quick fix to the problems of life...god is a very quick fix, it requires very little brain activity because it's faith. You don't need to think about faith, either you have it or you don't. Faith is not fact, innately. So it is natural to have faith and be blind too. When you wake from your dream, there are others who will help you. I am not an Atheist, tho a Christian would call me one. I simply am. I exist. There is your answer...think of things as in terms of non absolutes.