Two Movie Reviews

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Let me tell you about two movies I saw recently.


August Rush is about a young orphan who can feel the music around him the world though he has never played an instrument in his life. He believes recklessly that he will be able to find his real parents. So he runs away from his orphanage and goes to New York City and is taken in by a man, played by Robin Williams, who is the manager/father to a group of musically talented kids. He sets the kids loose on NYC and they pool the money they make. Soon, the young boy is shown to be a musical prodigy.

Check this clip out:

So this boy's story weaves with the story of his parents, who fell in love at first sight and were thrust from each other, both living 11 years desperately longing for and missing the other. I won't tell you the ending, but watch this movie.

Fantastic. A+.


What an amazing movie this is. What is it about? Hmmm... that is difficult to say. The film is actually 18 short films by 18 different directors, all set in Paris, and all are roughly about love. Some of the short films are stellar, some are just okay, but the overall effect is awesome. Two of the shorts that stood out- one starring Natalie Portman about an American actress who falls in love with a blind Parisian, and another one starring Elijah Wood about a man who falls for a vampiress in a very unusual way.

It is a wonderful film. A++.

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Megan said...

my other favorite ones: the one with the muslim girl and boy and the one where the woman fainted and the guy put her in his car.
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