The Movie Bracket

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I am a pretty big fan of film, so when LD sent me this movie bracket (especially during this March Madness season), I was very intrigued.

Here is the first quarter of the bracket...

Well, here are my first round picks.

#1 LOTR vs. #16 North Country
Winner: LOTR. The number one seed easily cruises past Charlize Theron's courtroom drama. They're a number one seed for a reason...

#8 Cider House Rules vs. #9 The Fountain
Winner: Cider House Rules. In a close match-up, Cider House rules takes down The Fountain. Who can say no to orphanage kids?

#5 American Beauty vs. #12 Schindler's List
Winner: Schindler's List. This isn't even an upset in my book. American Beauty must have gotten an Oscar hype at-large bid...

#4 The Big Lebowski vs. #13 Star Wars
Winner: Star Wars. Come on, it's a freakin classic. Well, I guess it depends on which Star Wars shows up to the game. Episode 3, 4, 5, or 6? Winner for sure. Episode 1 or 2? Jar Jar Binks misses a three-pointer at the buzzer. But, I think 3-6 will show up.The cult hit The Big Lebowski is upset. Dude...

#6 Gone Baby Gone vs. #11 Into the Wild
Winner: Gone Baby Gone, but not by much. The wild guy puts up a pretty good fight, but in the end, who knew any relative of Ben Affleck's would be so good of a lead guy?

#3 Se7en vs. #14 Pretty Woman
Winner: Se7en. Obviously, being a guy, this pick is biased for me. Se7en was freaking awesome. It wins in a blowout.

#7 Field of Dreams vs. #10 Letters from Iwo Jima
Winner: Field of Dreams. It's classic Costner. If you pick it, they will win.

#2 The Pianist vs. #15 The Truman Show
Winner: The Truman Show. Upset! Well, not to me. The Truman Show is a highly underrated movie that shows you Jim Carrey can do serious pretty well... And no, I'm not a nazi for not going with The Pianist. The fictional story beats out the true story!

Ok, there's my first quarter. I feel confident with my picks...


Chalupa said...

Dude I can't believe The Big Lebowski lost to Star Wars. I will admit I was has huge fan of the original trilogy before TBL ever existed, and I imagine it would be a close battle. I do have to say I'm a little disappointed though.

LD said...

You've gotta post your remaining selections...