Why Blog?

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As I met with Dr. Hooper yesterday, she asked me some questions about something I don't really question anymore. I told her about this blog and she asked why I share my thoughts in such a public forum. As of April 6, 2005, I have been blogging pretty regularly. I have written somewhere around 450 posts, enough random thoughts to fill a short book. So why do I do it?

The only reason I could come up with at first is that I always have. It's something I've always used to keep me writing because I like writing.

Then I thought more about it. I was able to figure it out, I think. Over the last few months, I have written, recorded, and publicly posted some songs. The reason I do that is the same reason I blog: because I can and because I like to. Not to impress anyone or anything, but because I feel like it, and if someone benefits from my songs or my thoughts, great. If not, whatever.

And that is why I blog. I don't think I explained that very well. Ah, I'm tired of explaining.

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kelli beth said...

hi back.

and i'm glad you blog, just because you like to and because you can...