Weird Mood

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I asked Megan if she has ever read Irresistible Revolution, and she said no. She said that it does weird things to Brit and I when we read it, and I guess that's true. 

Whenever I get challenged about my materialism, like I often do while reading Shane Claiborne, I get a little... weird, I guess. I have an aversion to comfort. I look through all the stuff at my house and see if there if anything I can give/throw away. It's like I won't sleep well if I know I have boxes and boxes full of useless junk. I feel minimalistic. I want to go serve broken people. I have this battle in myself: my selfishness and sin vs. my burning desire to be set apart. 

It is a scary and exciting journey. 


Anonymous said...

hah! my life in a nutshell. the battle never ends.

Harrison said...

at least we're kind of in it together...