Another Night Drive

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The windows are down and the cool air rushes by, invisibly tracing my fingers as I draw the air outside. Sound waves leave my speakers and are interpreted as beauty by my brain. The music and the words combine to paint a picture of happiness directly onto my chest. Chills sweep me all the way down to my toes as I realize that every road I pass feels like, should I follow, it will take me to wondrous places. These are the very same roads that felt like dead ends such a short time ago. It is like the world is bursting with the colorful glow of possibilities. Nothing is concrete. Everything is static in the best of ways. There is no sorrow, no fear. 

All of these feelings and sensations merge together to form a simple happiness. 

I realize that there is a smile growing on my lips and I do nothing to slow its progress.


It's kind of how I feel when I see this, my favorite painting of all time, courtesy of Mr. van Gogh. 

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