Challenge and Satisfaction

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More often than not, I would prefer to be challenged. I would rather have new, different, difficult things to work on than to keep repeating the same old stuff.

That said, over the next thirty days, I have calculated that I have twenty-two videos to film and edit, and three of those will be compiled and mass-produced in DVD form.

-Ten of those are interview videos for the new series "Give Love Away".

-Six of those are videos that will be shown September 7th, 14th, and 21st on our two campuses.

-Three of those are for the DVD. Those will be production videos highlighting the different parts of "Give Love Away".

-Three of those are the standard series' videos. There is a pre-teaching video, a countdown, and a promo video.

-Hopefully I will be able to look back after this immense challenge and smile with satisfaction.

At least I'm not bored... now if I just had THIS rig...


Jen Crane said...

harrison. jen crane from the world race. kara has been in touch with Marco here in antigua, and wants to chat about website stuff.... do you have skype? or AIM video chat? email or message kara at thanks!

great blogs recently, by the way...

Cupp said...

If you have a role for a redneck drug lord, I'm available but not cheap.

Harrison said...

cupp, you know i just might!