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For the first time I think, I have wrestled with this upcoming birthday, this marker of age. I've kind of gone back and forth, being ok with it and being a little bummed. It can be tempting to look back and say, "I'm 23 and I have this great sting of disastrous relationships to show for it." But I think I've landed on this thought: your past you can't change. Your present should be accepted and enjoyed for what it is. Your future is yet to be written. Those are pretty cool thoughts to me. They have helped me feel a little bit more sane lately, and now I think I am excited for tomorrow, if for no other reason than it will be a fun day with family and friends.

Here's to this next year being better than the last! (It's not gonna be too hard... haha.)

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Abel Garcia said...

Happy birthday bro. I am feeling your pain plus 7 now that I am "30"(as of yesterday).

I don't think I have ever cared about my birthday till this year. But one thing I think I've finally learned is that I no longer wish I could change the past. Because the positive relationships and the impact we have on others thanks to the lessons learned and God's grace in spite of our mistakes makes it all worth it.

Having been your middle school table leader and been blessed to be used by God in the lives of guys like you is an example of the joys of getting older and wiser.
Happy Birthday Harrison keep up the great work and I wish you many more.

Say hi to the family for Jenn and I.
Love ya.