Crazy Dream

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I had the weirdest, most thought provoking dream the other night. I'll attempt to explain it the best way I can, but it was one of those things that... I dunno, maybe it only makes sense in that post-dream stupor. 

In the dream, I was waking up from a coma, a seven year coma. I remember first thinking, I can't believe this. I'm thirty years old. All of a sudden, I am thirty years old. Like, I just went to sleep, and I woke up seven years older, and my face looked different.

Then, I thought to myself, I should ask my dad who won the world series and college football national championships while I was out of it. I guess that shows you, even in my dreams, that I am kind of obsessed with sports in my own way. 

Finally, the really crazy thought: Every I care about, besides my family, has long since moved past me. I've been dead to them for seven years. I mean, imagine this... you go to sleep, you wake up, and every relationship feels the same to you in your waking state as it did when you went into the coma. You would pick up the phone to call a good friend, and after you discovered the number had changes, maybe when you tracked him or her down, you would not be good friends anymore. In the blink of an eye, that person would be completely past you, with a new life and new... past. A whole life you know nothing about. I remember, in the dream, being completely saddened by this thought. 

Awake enough to know that you're gone.

And then I woke up and lay awake for quite a while. I hope I conveyed that in a way that made sense. It was just a really odd thought.

Quite a dream, huh?


Britt said...

I had a super insane dream like that the other day. I am kind of scared to tell anyone because it was like end of the world stuff. Actually I just woke up from a nap where I had a dream that I told shawn about the end of the world dream. If you wanna hear, it involves a lot of planes and the family searching for you

S.A. said...

I have 2 comments...
#1: Did I forget about you in your dream?
#2: WHAT? Britt didn't wait for me!?