Meg's Wedding

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Well, my sister Megan got married on Saturday. It was an absolutely wonderful wedding, and it was perfectly Megan all the way through. The ceremony was in this garden, with flowers all around, and she and Matt stood in front of a beautiful gazebo. 

There were rose petals all down the brick path, and it looked like some old, Victorian scene. I was standing across from my other sister, Brittany, the maid of honor, and she looked like she was literally about to explode with joy and sisterly pride.

After the reception, which was great (funfetti cake and ham biscuits can make any event a hit), Megan and Matt Allen walked out the front door of the Victorian Crow's Nest to start their new life, past the barrage of rose petals and bubbles from their friends and family. It was truly a great day. Congrats Megan and Matt!

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Megan said...

awesome synopsis bro.
But you may not have known that as Matt & I were leaving, getting sprinkled with bubbles and rose petals, someone throws the whole bubble container at me. The criminal is still unknown...