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I've octupled my investment on Full Tilt. Sweetness. New drum set here  come.

Have to go back for more jury duty stuff tomorrow. Life is way too busy for jury duty. Though it is pretty interesting...

Shawn and I brewed again, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. We were much more careful this time so hopefully it turns out great.

I'm learning to expect the unexpected. Wait... after I wrote that I realized that phrase doesn't make any sense... You can't possibly expect the unexpected... it's a contradiction in terms. What a dumb phrase. What I mean is, things never turn out quite like you think.

When it comes to thinking about the past, we all stack the deck. Some more than others. Myself more than others.

Finally, I'm about to watch "Wanted" and am excited about watching bending bullets.

The end of this crappy post.

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Anonymous said...

Hey um, you shouldn't buy a stupid drum set... you should buy an expensive plane ticket and steal a drum set