Some Thoughts

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First, anyone who links you to a youtube video that features Jordin Sparks is not to be trusted. And I mean on a personal level. That is a breach of youtube trust.

Second, it is so peculiar that it is 2009; I mean, we are only six years away from 2015, the year in which (supposedly) Jaws 19 comes out, hover-boards are common, and we can enjoy rehydrated pizza from Pizza Hut in mere seconds. I have my doubts about our ability to reach any of these milestones which leads me to wonder if Doc Brown was a compulsive liar. I shouldn't be too disappointed, though... mankind has invented the Wii.


Monica said...

Glad your back posting! hope all is well! your VA sis, -Mon

Megan said...

You are so witty. You made me and matt laugh. I don't think i'd want to see Jaws 19 anyways.