Snowy Night

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This is the view from my front porch right now. I couldn't sleep once I got back from Em's tonight, so I decided to sit in my rocking chair on the front porch and watch the snow rapidly fall. I'm not sure why I am so awake... I played with Binx for like 45 minutes right before I left, after I took him outside for his doggy business, while Em and Jake were sleeping, so maybe he got me all wound up. I absolutely love that dog, by the way. Yes, a dog can evoke deep emotions in me. I mean, this is one cool dog.

So here is the current scene: snow is drifting down. I am listening to the new Fray album. I am rocking in my rocking chair and enjoying a slow smoke. I am reading a book about Einstein and Bohr and Heisenburg and the development of quantum theory (what happens inside the atom, basically, the movement of electrons and whatnot), and it it a wholly fascinating book. I am thinking about how great it feels to be in love with a girl. I am thinking about how amazing my life is right now, how incredibly blessed I am.

Can you spell out perfection in fewer words?

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