Em (This Girl I Love)

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And let me tell you 15 reasons why (out of like 15,000):

(Warning: Very sappy post. And if you don't like it, too bad!)


1)  is amazingly gorgeous.
2) constantly makes me laugh.
3) had the worlds coolest son.
4) likes freezing picnics.
5) thinks with her heart.
6) says unexpected things... all the time.
7) makes fun of me just enough to make sure I stay humble.
8) somehow thinks I am the most awesome person ever.
9) challenges me to grow in new ways all the time.
10) makes me a better person.
11) never lets a day go by without doing something fun.
12) is incredibly thoughtful... way way more than me.
13) is drawn to the outcasts, the outsiders, just like I am.
14) makes me crumble with her smile.
15) loves me more every single day.

There ya go. 15 out of 15,000...


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Anonymous said...

You are amazing!