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So here is how it went down. Last Friday night, I ask Em out to dinner, and she agrees, though it takes some convincing because she had a long day. She says, "You sure you want to?" And I try to casually say, "Yeah, it would be fun... (I'm proposing to you!!!)" So I pick her up and we hit the road, and I tell her that I need to stop by the church to grab a camera for a video I had to film the next day. 

We pull up to the church and she says, "You need me to go in or should I just wait." I'm thinking, are you serious? I am so nervous! "Yeah, come in..."

So the lights are all on and we walk into the auditorium, and as we get towards the back I ask her to sit down for a second because I have something to show her. I go back to the booth, kill all the lights, and start a video. 

The video plays on all three screens, a video that shows my favorite pictures of her and I, set to a song that I wrote. She is instantly crying.

As the song ends, the last line says, "Will you marry me", and I get down on one knee and ask if she will. She says "Of course". My hands are shaking like crazy, I can barely get the ring on. We sit in silence for a while, just smiling.

Then we watch the video again in bliss.


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Heather Orr said...

How romantic!! SO excited for you guys!!

Holly said...

Congratulations Harrison!! When is the big day? Did you hear that Corey got engaged also this year!
Send love to your family, Holly