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Hmm, where to start.

First thing on my mind right now is... I miss my sister! Brittany, come home! Just kidding, have fun, but I miss you.

Church stuff is going really well. Circumstances have shifted and now I am able to focus more and more on what I really love doing, which is music and videos. I am getting back into writing, trying to really dive in and write some good stuff for the church, and so far, I am 1 for 1. We played a new song this last week, "Holy One", and it went really well. Should be a keeper.

Family life is amazing.

Relationship is amazing. Like, ridiculously great.

Things are great.

Also, I realized last night that Garden State is a really great movie. At first, it annoyed me, and now I really like it. Watchmen, not so much. Way too long and not really all that great. In my humble opinion. 

Hope you enjoyed my obligatory, stale, and blandly boring post! Haha...

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Britt said...

Aww I just read your post! I miss you too!

Shawn is a little offended you didn't mention him...