A Husband and a Father

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People ask me sometimes if I am nervous at all about getting married and instantly being the father of a four year old son. I guess I can understand the question. I mean, most people have 9 months to get ready for being a first-time parent.

Then I think to myself: this person doesn't know Emily and Jake. If they did, this whole thing would make sense; not only making sense, marrying Emily and being Jake's dad would clearly rise as the only possible option.

Em is an amazing mom. Seriously, she loves that kid like frickin crazy and it is awesome to watch and awesome to be a part of. Jake is the coolest four year old I have ever met in my life.

It's funny... I have been notoriously bad with kids. My mom and by sisters will attest to this. Kids annoy me. Then then there as Jake, and we just clicked. It's obvious to me that I was made to be his dad. Every single day is a new adventure with him, and even the tough moments are good because I love him so much and want to help him grow up and be an amazing, Godly young man.

And marrying Em... those same people would be apt to wonder: Why get engaged so quickly? Why get married in August? I shake my head and I smile and I wonder how to possibly convey all of the wonder of this person, this love of my life, in just a few sentences. I usually just say, "When you know, you know. She's just amazing." I am insanely excited to call her my wife, and it's crazy that she actually wants me to be her husband. Seriously... anyone who knows me knows that this fact is an obvious sign of insanity, but onward she goes nonetheless. 

My life is starting, and it feels better than I thought possible. I get two for the price of one. I am a very blessed guy.

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