I have no questions for I know the answers.

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What is love if not the meeting of two broken people?

If not the only place where one can bear his entire self without fear of rejection?

If not the audible sound of a flutter inside your chest when she says, "I love you", and the tangible, very real sensation that flows from your head all the way down to your little toe?

If not the feeling that the world does not matter, that the only important thing is making sure one person is happy and taken care of?

If not the belief in Someone so much bigger, because one has to believe in God when confronted with the truth that this person exists, and more than that, this person actually loves you back?

If not the waking up after an entire life asleep?

Am I only dreaming?

And what is she if not the sound of the ocean, the sunspots on my skin, the sight of the stars, the fire in my eyes, the feel of a bed thirty feet deep, and the beating of my very heart?

What is she if not the best song I have ever heard, the sweetest line I have ever sung?

I have no questions, for I know the answers now. Finally, I know the answer. And she is an amazing and beautiful discovery. Somehow, she is my wife.

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Anonymous said...

aw. that's so sweet. God bless your marriage, dude.