September Thoughts

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If you want to know what goes on in my brain:

-I am married. This is the greatest thing to ever. I love my wife and my son and I am beyond happy they actually like me and want me around.

-I am slowly becoming disillusioned about reality television. I know it's fake, but for some reason it still feels like the process of figuring out Santa isn't real.

-I am getting unpacked and settled and situated and it feels really good to get things in place. Em is a great decorator, so the house looks like an entirely new place. And that is a great thing.

-I am turning 24 on Sunday. It feels like I just turned 23, so it's really weird thinking a whole year has gone by. I have a strong feeling that 24 will be the best year yet. I have everything going for me.

-I want the Hurricanes to beat the Noles on Em's birthday. Really badly. This sounds like a stupid thought to be included with everything else here, but that is what is going on in my brain. Football. I think I have a problem.

-I am living out a unique day today. Jake's first full day of school, first tee-ball game, Em's first day at her new job. I'm excited for Em's new job and I am excited for Jake to keep on growing into an amazing person. It's cool to watch God already steering our lives in some awesome directions. It's impossible to miss God in this.

There is my brain, served hot on a silver platter. Enjoy vivid imagery.

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kay said...

you are a lucky lucky man.

and she is a lucky lucky lady.

you two were meant to be together!

thanks for sharing your thoughts H!