Disney Pics

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Right at the start of our Disney experience... so excited!

On the Buzz Lightyear ride... not the greatest picture, but it was pretty fun. Jake LOVED it...

Face painting... an integral part of the experience! Jake was a superhero that day. Does it matter that like an hour later it was a big smeared mess? Nope.

Locked up.

All of our Disney friends came by in the parade.

Outside the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Emily said she wanted to live there. I'm pretty sure she was serious.

When you love Star Wars as much as he does, does it get any better than this?

Answer: Yes. Yes it does. For the record, he "kicked Darth Vader's butt".

The end of a great day. It was so great to be there for Em and Jake's first Disney days. It was something we will never forget for sure!

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