A Little Surprise

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Emily was out tonight getting a haircut, so I decided to make a little surprise for her... to show my wonderful wife how great I think she is, to show her that I am head over heels for her.

Jake had a valentines day project for school that involved these little heart stickers, the excess of which were sitting on the table, sooo...

I made a few arrows made up of the words I LOVE YOU that made a little trail...

(As you can see, there were quite a few of these little signs, and quite a few I LOVE YOU's.)

Those little white hearts all around it were the backs of those heart stickers, which I was just going to throw away, but... I think it looks pretty cool. And I think Emily will love it here in a few minutes. So all of this leads to:

"Maybe a thousand little 'I Love You's' can mean so much more than one really big one because they take a lifetime to say."

"I promise you a lifetime of 'I Love You!"

I think she might just like this.

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