Catching Up

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Hey, blog....

A year and a half, huh...?


This is awkward.

Ok, since the last time we talked, some things have happened. First of all, Jake graduated from kindergarten. And first grade. He is the most insanely well-behaved kid at school (I think because he has a mortal fear of getting in trouble). He has played two sports, baseball and soccer, and he is great at both. Maybe a little better at soccer, but eeeeeh... he's a baseball freak now, so it's ok. My dad, Jared, and I took Jake to a Marlins-Braves game in Atlanta, and ever since then he has been all about baseball. Obsessively so. It's awesome. I love the little guy, he is an amazing son to have.

I'm still married to my hot wife (You can just copy and paste that last sentence into infinity, because as long as I have any say, that fact is NOT changing). She finished working at the preschool a few months ago and she isn't going back to work in the fall. Because we are a few short days away from having our SECOND son, which is freakin' awesome. She is the most amazing mom, and we are still getting used to the idea of saying, "The four of us..." I am blessed beyond measure to have a wife like her, a best friend to do life with, a soulmate that encourages you and loves you no matter what. She is seriously looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom and doing all kinds of stuff with her boys.

As for me, the only big news is the next level worship cd, about 75% finished up. I think/hope it's going to turn out to be something really cool, and it's been a huge God thing to be able to record it at GAT3 studios with the Tabor family. Such cool people, such a huge help for this cd.

Ok, all caught up? I think that's life right now in a nutshell, so now we can go back to being friends. \\\high five\\\


Anonymous said...

Wow what a surprise!!!
I am glad you are writing again.
Need a picture of Ben!

Megan said...

I didn't know you were blogging again. Yeah