Welcome To The World

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A week and a day ago, everything changed.

At 6:33pm last Sunday night, we went from being a family of three with a seven year old to a family of four with a seven year old and a newborn.

Emily was amazing, and she was only in true labor for about three or four hours, and she had to try and hold back to give the doctor time to come in when Ben was ready to make his grand appearance.

He was born at 6lbs 8 ozs, 19 inches long, and Emily, Jake, and myself were so excited to see him for the first time.

So, I want to say welcome to the world Benjamin James Gillming, my son. Your mommy and daddy can't wait to show you how much we love you!

Your brother Jake can tell you first-hand that we love him so much, and we love you too!

Signed, the lucky dad of the two most awesome boys in history!


rene said...

I thought I was lucky to have one grandson. My cup runneth over. How did I ever live without them?? It is a mystery.

Britt Watt said...

Come on, H. You come out of hiding to make two measly posts! Keep blogging I need my Ben fix