How My Computer Became a Swimming Pool

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Two year olds are special creatures. They have a special ability to wreak accidental havoc at every turn. Sometimes they wreak on-purpose havoc, depending on the proximity to naptime/bedtime.

Our two year old is named Ben, and similar to all of our three boys, his cuteness makes sure he is never in trouble for very long. Yesterday, Ben wanted to watch Daniel Tiger on Netflix. This is a show that teaches young kids valuable life lessons on things like sharing, eating vegetables, and pooping.

So he is playing in the bonus room watching Daniel Tiger, he and his trains having a great old time. Our one year old is napping, so Emily and I are both doing random household chores. 

Ben is unattended for about fifteen seconds. He thinks it would be fun to get a drink of water. Mind you, the water bottle he found is not a Ben-sized water bottle. It's a behemoth. 

I'm pretty surprised he was even able to lift it up. You can guess where this is going. Our little two year old battling a giant water bottle.

The bottle won. Water everywhere.

Including daddy's computer. And not just a splash. I'm talking swimming pool water levels, here.

And you know what? It was ok. It sucks, obviously. But it's ok. Whenever things like this have happened in our family, it's hard for me to get too upset. It actually forces me to take a step outside of all the things I give too much importance to. My computer or phone or un-crayoned wall.

And I look at my wife and my three boys and I know how blessed I am, and that everything else will be ok. None of that other stuff matters. I am lucky enough to be able to get a computer fixed if I need to, I'll be taken care of and everything will be ok.

The things that matter the most sit at the dinner table with me every night.


Megan said...

Oh Benjamin James....I'm so sorry lol but I'm also laughing. Did you realize you actually have 3 cats in your house?

Britt Watt said...

I guess Megan is on top of the news your blog is active again! She would be!

Ben is a stinker. I would have had to have a lot of alone time after that if Mae spilled water on the iPad.... Like several calm down naps haha